The Welcome Church is a non-denominational ecumenical ministry located in El Cajon, California. On the 4th Sunday of the month at 3PM & on special occasions, its members gather in Wells Park for worship, prayer, holy communion and a fellowship brown bag picnic-style lunch.

It is a Church with a capital C, but don’t looking for it in the phone book or on google maps. Don’t look for a fancy sign, tall white walls, ornate doors, stained glass windows or a large impersonal campus. Look instead for its members sitting on the ground, folding chairs, or medical scooters, or milling around plastic utility table that doubles as an altar and picnic table amidst urban walls of pine trees, shrubs and scattered apartment buildings. Its members are just a bunch of people: people from the street; people from its ecumenical partners and affiliates; people from other churches or no church; people with little means or are marginalized; people who are housed, unhoused or in some unconventional living arrangement in between. Its ministers often greet the gathering with the sprinkling of water and the sanctifying declaration and reminder, “this is holy ground, and you are God’s holy people.”  Everyone is welcome and accepted for who they are, as they are – NO exceptions! All may receive God’s precious gift to humanity, unearned and freely given – a place at the Lord’s Table.

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Welcome Church Newsletter Second Quarter 2018

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Welcome Church Newsletter Second Quarter 2016