Journey to Follow Jesus Always Changing

Greek men came to see Jesus. Philip and Andrew met with them and then they went to see Jesus to make sure it was appropriate. They were like the profiling crew determining who was eligible to see Jesus and who wasn’t. Jesus addressed everyone.

He dismissed the filtering crew. He does not say to a select few. The emphasis in this passage is the message is universal, regardless of race, geographical boundaries or any other boundaries that tend to get in the way of a universal proclamation that is meant for every person on the face of the earth.

Jesus says: Those who serve me must follow me. And, where I am, my servant will be there also.

Whoever serves me the Father will honor.

In the early Church, Christians were called people of the Way. They were called people of the Way, because they actively followed the direction of the Spirit as they did their best to follow Christ.

If God puts it in your heart to do something; to be involved in specific ministry, specific responsibility; wherever and what ever that may be…whether in the community, the church, or in politics.

Because like Jesus, who is always with us in our ups and downs, we are encouraged to encourage each other, fellow travelers in this journey called the Way, following Christ where He leads.

These are the kinds of things that during Lent, in this time of soul searching, we ask ourselves; deep questions. Deep calls to deep. The flashlight of the Spirit is searching our hearts, and is revealing to us not only what needs to be corrected and changed. What does that mean in practical terms?

What does it mean that God wants the best for us, and if that is so, how are we to live our lives. Or as theologian Francis Schaefer would say: How should we then live?

What could that be?I don’t know. I’m not God and I’m not you. I can’t tell you. I can talk with you about this, but I can’t tell you.

The same Spirit that works in me works in you. There is only one Holy Spirit, but that Spirit works in a unique and special way in your life.You are unique.

Do you know how to catch a unique bird? You nique up on it. You know how you catch a tame bird? Tame way.

God wants you to be involved. We need you, as fellow travelers in this journey called the Way, to be involved. We need you to be involved.

Jesus said that whoever serves me must follow me, and where my servant is, there will I be also. Think about that.

Jesus goes on to say that among the swift and varied changes of this world, and the world is always in a state of change, we are caught up into that change. In that vast change, that constant transition, may our hearts remain fixed, where the true joys are to be found.

And that is through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever.