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PayPal Beta Test Page

This test page has been created to allow the vestry to try out a PayPal LIVE widget in a beta test mode before it goes live July 1, 2016. Vestry members are encouraged to send the church real money (in a small amount of course) to see how the process works and to give feedback on this blog page. I have chosen 1 out of the dozen or so written for WordPress. I would suggest that you send a small random amount of money – 5 cents to five dollars and document it on the blog page so that others can review the transaction and Judy can track it. We want to make sure that we as leaders understand the process and assist those in our parish who are less tech savvy. After making a donation, please identify yourself, the date it was made, the amount, what it was for, any problems you encountered in the process and anything other comments you’d like to make. Although this page is not password protected, you have to access it with the hyperlink I sent you in the original email. This is my first time setting up something like this, so I won’t know much more than anyone else. Don’t be afraid of anything; there’s nothing to break.